Roof and Gutter Heating Cable is easier to install in the Summer and Fall

If your home is at risk of water damage from Ice Dams on your roof caused by snow melting and refreezing, now is the time to start dealing with the problem, which can occur as early as October or November in many areas.  There are many ways to try to eliminate the problem of ice dams on your roof and if you choose Roof and Gutter Heating Cables, they are a little harder to install when it is cold outside.  They are a little less flexible when temperatures are near or below freezing.  And hands and fingers don’t work as well and standing on a ladder with a cold biting wind is not ideal either.  Shingles don’t lift up as easy to put the roof clips on.  If the snow comes then you would have to roof rake it off before installing cable.  If an ice dam does form, then you will not be able to install the cables while it is present.  We have alot of desperate customers in the winter months that order their cable rush and are scrambling trying to save their house.  They are probably throwing the cable on top of the ice hoping it will melt down through and are probably throwing salt, etc. up there too, and chipping away at the ice as well.  All of these techniques are in too late desperation and some can cause roof damage.

Many meteorologists are predicting many winters to come that are much snowier than normal, similar or worse than the 1970’s.  The Sun continues an incredible lull and scientists are quite amazed. It is probably the most closely watched solar phenomenon ever and this deep of a solar minimum has not been seen since the early 1800’s Dalton minimum (some call it a Little Ice Age.)

You can start researching Roof Heat Trace at now and we are here to help you when you call 1-800-442-2581.  Most of our customers use the least expensive EasyHeat ADKS cable at or the similar Danfoss or Wrap-On.  The better EasyHeat PSR cable is an excellent commercial grade cable that is self-regulating. It requires that the clips be nailed or screwed under your shingles, but if you are looking for a cable that will last for many, many years it is worth considering.