UFO Infrared Heater Ceiling Mounting – Installation Addendum to the User Manual



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Technical Bulletin – Installation details noted in this bulletin supersede the specifications noted in UFO’s User Manual.

1.) Installation on the Ceiling –

a. Affixed to the ceiling with L shaped brackets supplied with unit:
i. The appliance must be installed on a solid surface (non flammable). 
ii. Drill four 8 mm diameter holes on the ceiling to the place where the unit will be installed at the same distances (minimum) as shown in the installation section (Figure 1, Section 3.1). 
iii. Insert 8MM diameter drywall anchors (supplied with the unit) into the holes.iv. Mount two of the L shaped brackets on the ceiling using the 5×40 screws supplied with the unit.  
v. Mount the other L shaped brackets on the unit using the four M5 screws and the wrench as shown in the installation section of the manual (figure 2, Section 3.1). vi. Mount and fix the L shaped brackets on the ceiling and on the unit respectively, using the M8x13 bolts and nuts and the washers as shown (figure 3, Section 3.1) and tighten by using the wrench supplied. vii. Depending on the area to be heated the angle of the unit can be adjusted between 0-40 degrees by the help of the M8 head bolt and nut fixture (See Figure 4, Section 3.1).

b. Heaters can also be hung off the ceiling with chains.

2.) Clearance For Wall Applications – When hanging the unit on an interior wall it must be located a minimum 50 cm or 20 inches from the overhead ceiling or cover. All other clearances detailed in section 3.2 are correct.

3.) Heating Filaments in both our Star (S-15 and S-30) and UK (UK-15) series have been
certified to offer a filament life of a minimum 12,000 hours.

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