New Product: Qmark Marley QVRC44 Series – 240V 2,000 or 4,000 Watt Commercial Infrared Heaters

Marley has made an entry into the commercial Infrared Heating market.  Right now that market is virtually owned by Solaira and Fostoria, the 800 pound gorilla with their Multi-Mount heaters.  The side by side lengthwise will be the big seller. We have no experience with the heater yet but will take a close look when our stock shipment gets here.
QVRC44 Series
Designed for Houses, Patios, Inside/Outside Work Areas, Changing rooms, Sports and Fitness Areas, Health Spas, Swimming Pools Terraces, Open Outdoor Areas, Winter Gardens, Verandas, Outdoor Bar Areas and Gazebos, Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs

• Contemporary Design
• Uniform, Localized, Zonal Heating
• Energy Savings

• Soft, charming, rounded shape, suits any type of furnishing
• Instant heat
• No warming up required
• Fully directional
• Clean – no combustion or odors
• Save up to 60% vs. fan forced, 34% vs. propane
• Exclusive parabolic reflectors provide class leading heat perfomance while using less electricity