TPI Corp/Markel Electric Baseboard Convection Heaters

Markel’s electric baseboard heater selection is designed to cover all the potential applications and provide a safe, efficient, and economical source for supplemental and primary heating of residential and commercial rooms. Save money on your heating bill by using baseboard heaters to control the temperature of each room individually as a separate heating zone.

TPI Corp/Markel 3700 Series Architectural Style Electric Baseboard Heater (86)

TPI Corp/Markel 2900S Series Electric Baseboard Stainless Steel Element Convection Heater (86)

TPI Corp/Markel 2900HA Series Electric Baseboard High Altitude Convection Heater (39)

TPI Corp/Markel 2900C Series Electric Baseboard Heavy Duty Commercial Convection Heater (112)

TPI Corp. Markel 3900 Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater. Liquid filled elements, extruded 12 gauge housing (77)