Markel TPI Corp. Electric Comfort Heating

Mor Electric Heating has been selling TPI Corp. products (Fostoria and Markel) for close to 40 years.  Our first website was in 1998 and some Fostoria products were included. Our second website was (which is also linked from and we decided to focus on Qmark (Marley) products and neglected the Markel line because they are very similar to Qmark. 

We have decided that the time has come to add all Markel products to our internet offerings on our new main website and stock their products as well. 

Markel has led the way for decades with electric heaters. We now offer their complete selection for sale on our website as well: 

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Baseboard Convection Heaters (400)

TPI Corp/Markel Inline Electric Duct Heater Installs in Existing Ductwork & Controls Temperature of any Room (29)

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Fan-Forced Unit Heaters (299)

TPI Corp/Markel Portable Electric Heaters. Fan Forced, Convection, Radiant (42)

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heaters (341)

TPI Corp/Markel Fan Forced Electric Toe/Kickspace Heaters (7)

TPI Corp/Markel Pump House & Well Electric Convection Utility Heater Protects water pipes & pumps from freezing (2)

TPI Corp/Markel Ceiling Electric Heaters. Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters (69)

TPI Corp/Markel CVX Series Radiant Cove Electric Ceiling Heater (32)

TPI Corp/Markel Radiant Electric Ceiling Panel Heaters (26)

TPI Corp/Markel FH Series In-Floor Fan Forced Floor Drop In Electric Heaters Mount Between Floor Joists (2)

TPI Corp/Markel Low Voltage Thermostats, Relays & Wireless Interface (21)

TPI Corp/Markel Line Voltage Thermostats & Controls. Digital, Mechanical, Programmable, Non-Programmable (48)

TPI Corp/Markel Commercial Wall Convectors, Hazardous Location, Institutional (105)

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Draft Barrier Heater (2)

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Cabinet Unit Heater, fully recessed, semi-recessed or surface mounted (25)

TPI Corp/Markel Electric Slip-in Duct Heaters (43)

TPI Corp/Markel Controls & De-Humidistat, Humidistat (2)

TPI Corp/Markel Thermal Area Treatment Heaters (7)

TPI Corp. Markel Fostoria Replacement Parts (111)