Our Line Card (The Manufacturers and Vendors in which we are a distributor of their products)

Mor Electric Heating purchases products from over 100 vendors which is one reason that we have become a leading supplier of electric heating and control products to the Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial markets (Wholesalers, Contractors, OEM’s, and Residential customers.)

Our Manufacturers webpage is an alphabetical listing of the manufacturers in which we have products available for online ordering currently:

ASE (Automated Systems Engineering, Inc.) (2) Aube (Honeywell) Thermostats & Relays (19) Aura Electric Infrared Comfort Heating (5)
AuraMist Portable Misting Pedestal Fans (1) Avatar Industrial Solid State Power Controls (0) BriskHeat Freeze Protection, Heating & Temperature Control (7)
Calorique Flexible Radiant Electric Heaters (35) Chromalox Industrial Electric Heaters & Controls (149) Columbus Electric (TPI Corp.) Thermostats (1)
Cozy-Products / Bird-X Electric Comfort Heaters & Pest Control (12) Dalton Split Sheath Industrial Cartridge Heaters and Diffusion Pump Heaters (17) Danfoss Electric Heating Cable & Mats (169)
Dimplex (Electromode) Electric Comfort Heaters (198) EasyHeat Snow Melting & Floor Warming Electric Heating Cable & Mats (392) Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heaters (37)
EFM Elect-T-Therm Electric Hot Water Boilers (20) ETI Snow & Ice Melting Controls & Sensors (16) Excel Electric Hand Dryers (78)
Farm Innovators Agricultural De-icers & Heated Products (5) Fostoria (TPI Corp.) Electric Infrared Heaters, Lighting & Ventilation (514) HBControls Solid State Relay and Heat Sink Assemblies (51)
HeatTrak Electric Snow Melting Mats (32) Honeywell Thermostats and Relays (82) Johnson Controls Thermostats (3)
King Electric Comfort Heating & Heating Cable (1360) Little Giant Church Baptistry, Spa and Pool Water Heaters (3) Markel (TPI Corp.) Electric Comfort Heating (1734)
NEBO High Performance LED Flashlights & Tools (13) NuHeat Electric Heating Cable & Mats (173) Payne Engineering Solid State Power Controls (5)
Port-A-Cool Evaporative Coolers (2) PowerBlanket Electric Heating Mats (25) Pridium Ductless Split Air Conditioning / Heating Systems (3)
Process Technology Immersion Heaters & Aquaculture Heaters (0) Protected Home (Control Products) Freeze Alarms (3) Qmark (Marley) Electric Comfort Heating & Ventillation (732)
Salamander (Mor Electric Heating) Electric Infrared Heaters (1933) Schaefer (HotZone) Electric Heaters & Ventillation Equipment (2) Solaira Electric Infrared Comfort Heating (105)
Solar Products Flat-faced Radiant Panel Heaters (0) TPI Corp. (Fostoria Infrared Heaters & Markel Comfort Heaters) (2473) Tutco Heating Solutions Duct Heaters & Heating Elements (2)
UEi Test Instruments (Universal Enterprises Inc) (26) UFO Electric Infrared Heaters (9) Well Traveled Living (Mojave Sun) Electric Infrared heaters (4)
White Rodgers Thermostats (12) Snow Wolf (Structured Solutions) Snow Shovels (5) WarmlyYours Electric Floor Heating Cable & Mats (109)
Wrap-On Electric Heating Cables (64) ZooMed Laboratories Electric Heaters, Reflectors & Thermostats (11)

But we also handle many other products in which we currently do not have online ordering for:

Aitken Products Aitken Products, Inc. (Metal and Quartz Infrared Heaters)
Athena Controls, Inc. Athena Controls, Inc. (Temperature, Process and Power Controls)
Benchmark Thermal Corp. (Electric Heating Equipment and Controls, flexible drum heaters)
Clepco Clepco (Cleveland Process Corp.) (Quartz Immersion Heaters)
Ciilogo.gif (5701 bytes) Continental Industries, Inc. (Solid State Relays and I/O Modules)

Control Products Inc. Freeze Alarms protect your home or property from damaging frozen pipes.
Exergen Corp. (Infrared Thermometers: Non-Contact Infrared Sensors, Thermocouples and Scanners)
Fastheat.gif (3594 bytes) Fast Heat, Inc. (Electric Heating Elements, Sensors and Controls)
Fenwal (Kidde-Fenwal, Inc.) (Temperature Control and Instrumentation)
Hilec, LLC manufacturer of high temperature and coated fiberglass sleeving
Hotwatt HotWatt, Inc. (Industrial and Air Process Heaters)
Indeeco (Industrial Engineering & Equipment Co.) (Duct, Unit and Explosion Proof Heaters, Hot Water Boilers)
Mars.gif (6562 bytes) Mars Sales Co., Inc. (Heated and Unheated Air Doors)
Ogden.gif (7414 bytes) Ogden Manufacturing Co. (Process Electric Heating and Controls)
Omega.jpg (9542 bytes) Omega Heater Co., Inc. (Electric Heating Products, Controls and Systems)
Omron Electronics Omron Electronics, Inc. (Temperature Controllers)
Pyromation, Inc. (Thermocouples, RTD’s, Temperature Sensors and Instruments)
pyrotenax logo Pyrotenax (BICC Pyrotenax) (Mineral Insulated Heating Cable)
Radiant Optics, HotZONE™ Infrared Heater and the lobster eye-inspired IRLens™
Raywall (Comfort Conditioning Products)
SPECTRUM INFRARED Spectrum Infrared, Inc. (Infrared Heaters)
Sun Electric Heater Company (1/8″ Diameter Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters)
Tempco Electric Tempco Electric Heater Corp. (Process Heating and Temperature Control. Engineered Electric Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors and Electronic Power Control Systems)
Thermon Thermon Manufacturing Co. (Heat Tracing Systems)
Vulcan Electric Vulcan Electric Co. (Heaters, Controls, Sensors and Systems)
Warren.gif (3376 bytes) Warren Technology (Electric Duct Heaters)
Watlow Watlow/Gordon (Electric Heating Products, Controls and Systems)