AccuWeather’s Bastardi debunks theory that Global Warming is causing cold weather. Claims it is Global Cooling instead.

It is amazing to us how much evidence there is that we are now in a period of extreme global cooling, but few people (other than climatologists and solar scientists) seem to care.  Current global cooling is definitely causing chaos among our customers who are (like never before,) frantically buying heaters to protect their roofs, pipes, pump houses, etc., and keep their dwellings warm.  The consequences of a colder climate (like the early 1800’s) is very severe.  We have seen prominent, famous people wedge their way into major news outlets, yell FIRE (or in this case ICE), only to be disregarded by the public.  The latest is Tuesday on FoxNews when Joe Bastardi (Chief long-range forecaster at laid out his self-described “Triple Crown of Cooling” and was asked incredulously by the interviewer “Are you saying that we are in a period of Global Cooling?” It is understandable however, when most people believe that the planet is getting warmer from human activities. The truth is that the sun is the primary driver of the climate, and the variability of what we get blasted with from it is amazing. Ocean temperatures respond to that and further regulate temperatures. Volcanoes go off and blast debris into the stratosphere, and sometimes that debris can be measured in square kilometers of solid rock that got turned into ash and placed into our atmosphere. The truth is that God is in control (or nature is in control if you do not believe in God) of temperatures, not man, and what we do on Earth is a drop in the bucket compared to these other natural events.

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Some have blamed global warming, specifically the “Arctic paradox.” However, AccuWeather’s chief hurricane and long-range forecaster Joe Bastardi told the Fox Business Network on Tuesday you can chalk it up to three things – oceans, sunspots and volcanoes.
“A few years ago, about why we have to start looking for more and more of this [cold weather],” Bastardi said. “It’s called the triple crown of cooling – the natural reversal of the oceans cycles. Three years ago the Pacific went into the cold state. Solar activity, very low sunspot activity and volcanic activity, not the kind you see in the tropics but the kind we had in the Arctic regions a couple of winters ago — and this is something that could be causing a return to for instance, the times of the Victorian era when they used to have ice fairs in the early-1800s around Christmastime on the Thames and you’re seeing that type of thing go on.”

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