Stelpro Links and Vendor Profile

Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for Stelpro Electric Comfort Heaters, Bath Fans, Floor Warming & Hand Dryers.  °STELPRO is a family-owned business established in Quebec for over 35 years, renowned in the electric heating industry, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC) and electronic controls. North American leader in its market, °STELPRO offers quality heating products designed and manufactured in Canada providing maximum performance, safety and innovative design.

Stelpro Electric Ceiling fan heater (ACF). Surface mounted or recessed into conventional ceilings, or recessed in suspended ceilings.

Stelpro ASHC Model with 120 Volt Plug. Electronic Surface Mounted Convector. Wall mounted at least 4 in. from the floor
Stelpro Electric Commercial Industrial Unit Heater (ASHU). 2 kW to 60 kW. 18-gauge steel cabinet. Adjustable louvers. Wall or ceiling mounting bracket

Stelpro Air Curtain Electric Ceiling Fan Heater (ASK). Recessed or surface mounted with adapter for suspended ceiling (optional)

Stelpro Electric Baseboard Heater (B). 22-gauge steel casing. Epoxy-polyester powdercoat. Mounting holes spaced at 1-inch intervals

Stelpro Bella High-end Electric Baseboard Heater (BA). Residential or commercial. 22-gauge steel cabinet & extruded aluminum front cover

Stelpro DRAGON Electric Ceiling fan heater (ADR). Output of 2000W to 10000 W, 208V to 600V. Ceiling surface mounted or ceiling recessed, suspended.

Stelpro Floor Insert Electric Fan Heater (FFI). 80 CFM capacity fan. Recessed between floor joists

Stelpro Replacement Parts for Electric Heaters. High Temp Limits, Knobs, Fan Delays, Motors, Thermostats, Elements, Fan Blades, Thermal Cutouts
Stelpro Multipurpose Electric Portable Heater (SCH) for construction sites and in workshops and garages. 4800W. 6 ft. 12 Awg. molded cable
Stelpro Kick Space Electric Fan Heater (SKS) for under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, in a stair riser. 500W or 1000W
Stelpro Spider Electric Ceiling Fan Heater (SGH) for Garage or workshop. Closed and permanently lubricated motor.

Stelpro 2500W Single Programming Electronic Thermostat (STE252NP+). Convectors, baseboards & forced-air units. 120/208/240V. 2-wire connection
Stelpro single programming double-pole thermostat (STE302R2+) for electric heaters with or without fans. 150 to 1500W @ 120V / 260 to 2600W @ 208V / 300 to 3000W @ 240V
Stelpro 4000 W Single Programming Electronic Thermostat (STE402NP+). 120/208/240/277 Volts. 2-wire connection. Compatible with forced-air units.

Stelpro 4000 W KI Z-Wave Thermostat for the Smart Home (STZW402+). Smartphone control ready. 120/240 Volts. 2-wire connection to heater
Stelpro 4000 W Multiple Programming Electronic Thermostat (STE402P+). 120/208/240 Volts. 2-wire connection. Compatible with forced-air units.
Stelpro Line Voltage Mechanical Thermostat (SWT).  2-wire or 4-wire connection. 50 to 90 °F. 22 Amps. Electric baseboards or wall fan heaters


°STELPRO employs more than 400 people in two manufacturing plants located in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Grand-Mere, Quebec, where over 800,000 heating units are produced yearly (electric baseboards, convectors, fan heaters, heating cables, etc.) and approximately 400,000 electronic controls, including electronic thermostats, meeting the highest performance standards in the industry.