Briskheat Links and Vendor Profile

Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for BriskHeat Electric Freeze Protection, Temperature Control, Process maintenance for pipes and vessels. We have been their distributor for years and we can help you with any application where their products are appropriate. Briskheat sells many types of heating tape that function like heating cable.  They also have alot of unique solutions like jacket, drum and cord heaters for applications where cable is not appropriate. 

Briskheat BSAT Silicone Rubber Heating Tape with Time Percentage Dial Control

Briskheat HSTAT Silicone Rubber Heating Tapes with Adjustable Temperature Controller

Briskheat Silicone Rubber or Polyimide Film Etched Foil Flexible Heaters

Briskheat SpeedTrace 5 watts/ft. Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Pipe Heating Cable or Roof & Gutter Deicing

Briskheat SpeedTrace Roof & Gutter Kits: 5 watts/ft. Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable Kits

Briskheat SpeedTrace Extreme 8 watts/ft. Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Pipe Heat Cable or Roof & Gutter for Extreme Cold Conditions

BriskHeat SLCAB Self-Regulating Heating Cable  for pipe tracing, freeze protection, and low temperature process maintenance applications up to 150°F

Briskheat TC4X A419 Digital Temperature Controller in NEMA4X Enclosure
Briskheat TOTE Wrap-around Tote Tank Heaters

Briskheat TTD Outdoor-Use Digital Thermocouple Temperature Controller


Briskheat, your complete source for heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions. We have the largest variety of solutions for pipes, valves, tanks, hoppers, tubes, troughs, drums, pumps, laboratory equipment, composite curing, and OEM applications.