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Qmark AWH Series Electric Wall Heater

Qmark CDFRE Recess Mounting Frame for Electric Ceiling Heater

Qmark CHPR25 Freeze Protection Electric Unit Heater

Qmark CRA Series Electric Wall Heater

Qmark CWH Series Architectural Electric Wall Heater

Qmark CWH1000 Series Electric Wall Heater

Qmark/Marley CWH3000 Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley CZ COS-E Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley EFF Series Electric Ceiling Heaters

Qmark/Marley EFQ Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley FDI Series Floor Drop In Electric Heaters

Qmark/Marley GFR Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley HBB Series Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Qmark/Marley HT Smart Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley IUH Series Electric Industrial Unit Heaters

Qmark/Marley KCJ Series Institutional Electric Convector Wall Heater

Qmark/Marley LFK Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley MSPH Series Electric Plenum Heaters

Qmark/Marley MUH Series Electric Unit Heaters

Qmark/Marley MWUH Series Electric Unit Heaters

Qmark/Marley QCH Series Electric Ceiling Heaters

Qmark/Marley QFG Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley QPH4A Portable Electric Unit Heater

Qmark/Marley MUH35 Portable Electric Unit Heater

Qmark/Marley QTS Series Electric Toe Space Heaters

Qmark/Marley SED Series Electric Heaters

Qmark/Marley SSAR Series Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark/Marley WHT Series Pump House Electric Heaters



Qmark (Marley) Electric Comfort Heating & Ventilation


Mor Electric Heating is one of the largest stocking distributors in the Nation for Qmark products.  We have been an authorized stocking distributor for them for several decades. They manufacture products in Bennettsville, South Carolina under the trade names Qmark, Berko, Leading Edge and Marley Industrial Products.

QMark products offer the reliable, cost-effective performance that architects and engineers are looking for when they need to specify these heating and ventilation products on their projects.
Standard products are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications; custom engineering services are also available to help meet unique heating and ventilation requirements.



Backed by Marley Engineered Products


QMark products are manufactured and marketed by Marley Engineered Products, a leading thermal technologies company based in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Most product development and manufacturing takes place at the Marley Engineered Products ISO 9001: 2008 registered facility in Bennettsville.
Products are available through selected distributors throughout North America and around the world.
Marley Engineered Products maintains long-standing relationships with all safety regulatory agencies such as ETL and UL, ensuring QMark products meet or exceed industry standards.


At the Forefront of Heating and Ventilation


The QMark product development and manufacturing teams stay abreast of industry trends and needs, and employ both innovation and practicality to develop solutions that work best for our customers.
Regardless of the application or end user, QMark products are designed with aesthetics, functionality, safety and structural tolerance in mind.
We recognize that many heating and ventilation applications involve unique challenges and non-standard specifications. We gladly work with our customers to develop appropriate solutions, and often can custom-engineer products to meet unique application requirements. Contact us for details.


Representative Solutions


QMark products can meet a variety of heating and ventilation needs. Both your distributor and the technical service group at Marley Engineered Products can work with you to develop and install optimum solutions.


Heating solutions include:


  • Freeze-protection heaters made specifically for installation in concealed or hard-to-reach spaces

  • Washdown heating units that provide comfort heating or freeze protection in non-hazardous corrosive or dirty environments such as waste water treatment plants, coal handling areas, food processing plants, foundries, car washes, swimming pool areas and dairies

  • Toe-space heater designed for use at checkout counters, ticket or tollbooths and many other places where no other heater seems to fit

  • Baseboard heaters that are UL listed for wall installation directly at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting — no clearance space between the heater and carpet is required.

  • Portable infrared heaters mounted on two-wheeled carts for ease of movement to areas that are hard to heat. They provide an economical way to thaw frozen equipment or heat loading dock areas where permanent installed heaters are not practical.


QMark ventilation solutions include:


  • Air circulators that are ideally suited for providing comfort cooling in food and beverage processing facilities, greenhouses, poultry plants, amusement parks and other high humidity or washdown environments.

  • Ceiling fans designed and engineered specifically for use in food processing plants, wet factory locations, exposed shipping areas, outdoor restaurants and a variety of agricultural applications such as poultry houses.

  • Electrically heated air curtains for use in building entrances to treat incoming cold air with a gentle flow of warm air for customer, employee or visitor comfort. They are ideal for use in vestibules, lobbies, staging areas, reception areas and waiting rooms.

  • Environmental air curtains for use supermarkets, schools, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias and a variety of other facilities. Because they are designed for easy access, no tools are required for inspection and cleaning.