BriskHeat HOT SHOTS – #008 Roof & Gutter De-Icing Kit Success!

HOT SHOT #008 BriskHeat Roof & Gutter De-Icing Kits!


Winter is upon us and many businesses and homes will be facing challenges relating to snow and ice on their premises.  A commonly overlooked and misunderstood winter hazard is the formation of ICE DAMS on rooftops.  After reading this, we’re sure those innocent looking icicles won’t be so innocent anymore.


What is an Ice Dam?

Ice Dams form due to the inherent temperature differences between heated spaces and roof overhangs. Naturally, some heat loss occurs through a homes attic. As it passes through the attic space it warms the roof [1].  Snow-melt then runs under the insulating blanket of snow, until it reaches a cold section of the roof and freezes to form an ice dam [2].  Snow that melts later cannot drain properly and is trapped on the roof [3]. Standing water can then enter a home or business causing significant property damage [4].




Icicles on overhangs and gutters are natures way of hinting that there might be a problem on the roof.  When icicles or even an ice dam breaks free, it can cause significant harm to customers and employees, vehicles, landscaping, etc., furthermore, dripping ice causes slippery walkways leading to possible injuries.


Weight of the ice can even pull gutters away from the roof, exposing the wood fascia to even more damage and dripping water hazards.










BriskHeat Partners across the nation are turning these hazards into opportunities to sell BriskHeat’s SpeedTrace Roof & Gutter De-Icing Kits.  These kits are designed to prevent ice and snow build-up on rooftops by using an electric self-regulating heating cable system. The heating cable melts away excessive snow and ice from the roof, gutters, and downspouts to ensure safe and proper draining.


The kits are easy-to-install and come complete with a plug-in ready self-regulating heating cable (with 3-prong plug), aluminum roof clips, and UV resistant cable ties for installation.  Available in your choice of 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150ft lengths to fit your needs.


SpeedTrace self-regulating heating cables are heavy duty professional grade heating cables. They out perform the less expensive big-box store products.  Safe for commercial and residential applications.


It’s not too late to introduce this product to maintenance crews and other customers.  Show them how they can protect their homes, businesses, and the people around them with a SpeedTrace Roof & Gutter De-Icing system.