48 page Oceana report recommends switching to electric heating powered by off-shore wind instead of Natural Gas

48 page Oceana report:
Untapped Wealth: Offshore Wind Can Deliver Cleaner, More Affordable Energy and More Jobs Than Offshore Oil

The Atlantic Coast’s offshore wind energy potential could generate enough electricity to heat more homes than exist in that region. In fact, the Atlantic Coast’s offshore wind potential is so great, that it could supply enough electricity to heat every home in the country, and then some.

Offshore Wind – better than Offshore Oil and natural gas When compared to offshore oil and gas resources in the Mid-Atlantic, offshore wind provides more power at a lower cost.


On the East Coast, nearly 7 million homes rely on fuel oil as the primary source of heating, representing about 88 percent of the country’s heating oil demand. Switching these homes from fuel oil to electric heating (nearly 16.6 million homes on the East Coast already use electricity for their primary source of heating), almost 123 million barrels of oil would be conserved annually. About 5 GW of wind power would be needed to provide the electricity to heat these 7 million homes, an amount that is well in line with the projected 20 GW of offshore wind that could be in place by 2020.