The TPI Corp. Bed Bug Killing Machine

Tpi/Markel continues to innovate in the new product category and they have a proven system that is much more likely to take care of bed bugs than any we have seen so far. This robust system includes the base unit, three supplemental units and the remote timer/temperature control. Supplemental units may be purchased separately if neccesarry.

The 3 convectors are an integral part of each Thermal Area Treatment system. If used in front of windows or large glass doors, they will reduce the heat loss and provide more even heating.
You can use a rule of thumb 20 watts/sq ft in figuring how large a space you can heat up to the required temp of 120 to 150 degrees F. These units are designed for small to medium sized rooms. Larger rooms will require additional base units.
Here is a link to their latest .pdf file brochure:
List pricing is on the .pdf, please call us for a quote.