New Product: King Electric CWP Series 120 Volt Constant Wattage Pipe Trace Heating Cable prevents pipes from freezing. 3 – 80 Foot Lengths. 21 to 560 watts

Introducing King Electric’s New Constant Wattage Pipe Trace Heating Cable
• CWP Series constant wattage pipe trace heating cable is designed to prevent pipe from freezing, keeping water flowing to -40°F. The CWP series requires no special wiring or assembly.
• Simply run cable straight along pipe and valve according to instructions in package.
• Sizes range from 3 feet – 80 feet to accommodate most pipe lengths.
• Stop pipe and valve freeze-up.
• For metal and plastic water pipes
• Keeps water flowing down to -40°F
• Pre-assembled, ready to install With power indicator light in the plug for assurance that the system has power.
• Integrated energy-saving thermostat
• Requires no special wiring or assembly
• Multiple lengths to accommodate most pipes
• When using 2 cables, install on opposite sides of the pipe.
• NOTE: Pipe must be wrapped with 1/2″ minimum thickness fiberglass insulation
• 1 year warranty

The fact that the thermostat is on the end of the cable instead of on the plug side has already opened up some new applications with this cable. It is also competitively priced, as are all of King Electric’s heating cables.