New product: Dual Conductor EasyHeat Snow Melting G Mats

EasyHeat has finished their launch of the new Dual Conductor Sno*Melt mats, which replace the very popular single conductor g mats.


Appleton Group proudly introduces our new EasyHeat® Dual-Conductor Snow Melting Mats. These new Snow Melting Mats remove snow and ice with ease, making them the simpler solution for a safer walkway. Typical applications include residential sidewalks, stairs, driveways, shopping walkways, building entrances, courtyards and loading areas.

Our unique Dual-Conductor construction allows carrier strands to be cut so that the mat can be reconfigured to increase width, create corners, curves or be placed around obstacles.

Standard mats are available in 18” or 36” width (0.5 or 1 meter) and from 4’ to 30’ (1.2 to 9 meters) in length. Custom mats can be factory tailored into many shapes and configurations for a variety of applications, and are offered in eight voltages ranging from 120 to 600 VAC. Step mats are also available for stairway applications.

The new Dual Conductor Snow Melting Mat and step mats are on our page at: