Introducing a revolutionary new infrared heater.

The AURA Indoor or Outdoor MW Series Heater is designed to fill a big gap in the available infrared heaters.  It comes to market from an expert in the infrared heating industry.

The cheap heaters found at big chain stores don’t last long, don’t perform well and with most you can’t even replace the heating element. More expensive heaters don’t have have these problems, but very high quality heaters such as the Solaira brand can be out of the price range of some. This new Aura, in both 120 or 240 volt, is priced in the middle, but offers great quality.

120 Volt Aura MW: $169
120 Volt Solaira Cosy AW: $289

240 Volt Aura MW: $199
240 Volt Solaira Cosy AW: $309

For Residential or Light Commercial use. IP65 rated weatherproof.

An ideal solution to warm your favorite area on cool days. The AURA MW will enhance your favorite outdoor activities with instant heat and comfortable warm glow. Ideal for your patio, backyard balcony, terrace, gazebo, garage and screened in rooms.  Available in 1.5kW, 120V and 1.5/2.5kW, 235V