Dalton Diffusion Pump Heaters. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters


Dalton Diffusion Pump Heaters. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters for Vacuum Diffusion Pumps

Direct Replacement Heaters for Every Major Brand of Vacuum Diffusion Pump:

  • Cooke


  • CVC


  • Denton


  • Edwards


  • Leybold


  • NRC


  • Perkin Elmer


  • Torr


  • Varian


  • Veeco



Diff-Therm Platen Heaters are high-quality tubular heating elements swaged under 50 tons of pressure into grey iron castings. For 25 years, Diff-Therm heaters have set the standard for long-life, evenly distributed process heating and efficient power generation.

Complete Range of Pump Heater Shapes and Sizes:

  • Over 100 combinations of electrical ratings and casting sizes from 2″ to 48″.


  • Sizes, shapes and bolt patterns designed to fit OEM pumps.


  • Custom castings and electrical ratings available


  • for obsolete or foreign-made pumps.


  • Effective replacement for cast-in heaters, tubular /crush plate heaters, and pancake-style heaters.


Outperform Original Equipment Heaters. Unique swaged assembly provides increased dielectric density for better heat transfer and longer heater life. Diff-Therm Platen Heaters outperform OEM heaters with better heat transfer and longer heater life.

  • “Full Power” heaters that produce 20% more heat than OEM heaters.


  • Flat, smooth platen surface assures uniform, efficient heat transfer.


  • Increases pump throughput and higher vacuum system processing rates.


One-Piece Assembly Simplifies Installation

  • Simpler and faster to install than conventional tubular/ crush plate systems


  • Proper alignment never a problem