The conversion to electric heating continues

There is currently a quiet conversion to electric heating that continues in America. People want to say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to green electricity.  The Government of Maine is considering a proposal to give incentives to electric heating to move people off of heating oil.  People around the country are thinking twice about Propane, Natural Gas and Heating Oil. The last time this happened, during the 1970’s and the oil crisis, the factors in place today that make the switch attractive had not yet evolved, but it happened anyways.  Today, electric heat has come of age.  Thermostat technology makes electric heat the most comfortable form of heating available.  Site generated electricity promises free electricity to power them in the future.  Pricing has come down on the heaters to a very low cost of installation.  Electricity prices are stable and regulated.  Attractive heater designs are now available. Check out our website today at to see what is being done in the heating world!