120 Volt Dimplex LPC Series Linear Proportional Convectors are Now Available


In 3 weeks we will start shipping the 120 Volt White LPC’s through 1,250 watt. The 1,500 watt are also on order and are expected to ship in late September or early October. The 120 Volt Almond will follow soon.

Starting today you can place your pre-order here: https://morelectricheating.com/products/BASEBOARD%20HEATERS/LPC%20SERIES/120%20VOLT%20LPC/120%20VOLT%20WHITE%20LPC.aspx


  • Built-in electronic proportioning thermostat measures room temperature at the heater for greater accuracy and comfort
  • Operates with optional wireless wall mounted remote for single or multi-heater temperature control

LPC Thermostat Remote Control (optional)

  • Enjoy whole home comfort using the LPC Thermostat Remote Control to wirelessly control one or several LPC heaters.
  • Easy: Thermostat Wall Remote Control installs easily, requiring no cutting or running of wires – just place into a décor-style switch plate and screw into wall.
  • Smart: Homeowners can use separate remotes to control different areas (or levels) of their home.

Controlling all your heaters from one room

With the LPC’s Thermostat Remote Control, every LPC installed in your home can be controlled from one location, like a central gas furnace. Unlike central gas furnaces, each heater adapts to room conditions; precisely controlling the desired temperature in every room.

Dimplex has launched a new website dedicated to these new wireless baseboard heaters: https://heathatfits.com/

It is up to 42 percent shorter than conventional baseboard heaters. It features a top discharge to transfer heated air to the room faster. A unique shark-fin blade shape of its heating element fins improves heat transfer and accelerates heated air into the room.

The 120 Volt heater is available in 5 sizes in 5 inch increments from 20 inches up to 40 Inches long. Yes, you read correctly, the 1,500 watt heater is less than 4 feet long.