We now have 25 phone lines to better serve you

We now have 23 digital phone lines and 2 fax lines.  When you call 1-800-442-2581, your call will be answered in the order it was received.  Staying on hold will get you to someone quicker than hanging up and calling back, whether you need our sales group or our customer service group.  Our phone system uses an auto attendant and it automatically holds your place in line. When a salesperson finishes a call, the caller on hold the longest is ringing in next.

We are getting many more phone calls recently from people having some serious problems related to the recent 3 bad winter weather seasons.  These recent harsh, long winters and the forecast of decades of Global Cooling are a brutal reality.  Rising Heating Oil and Propane cost are another issue.  We needed to expand our phone system to avoid busy signals and ship more orders, especially in October.