Shipping Electric Heaters to Canada


We ship alot of heaters to Canada and we have found some cheaper shipping methods to use. Our website includes Canadian FedEx shipping charges in the drop-down menu in our shopping cart. All of our FedEx shipments to Canada INCLUDE the customs clearance charge in that shipping rate charged by Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc. In the past when we used UPS we found that the charge was not included and the customer would sometimes receive a bill from UPS. We cover the customs clearance charge now in our published rate and the customer does not have to worry about it. We typically find that the cost to ship a small package via FedEx Canada Ground 2-7 Days is close to $48 which includes the customs clearance charge. So, we are now shipping all orders to Canada with the 3 FedEx Shipping Methods in our drop-down menu instead of UPS. The customer will not receive a customs clearance bill with the delivery like some did before with UPS.  Any any duties and taxes due (a smaller charge typically) will be billed directly to the package recipient by FedEx after the delivery and the customer must pay that bill.