Landscheidt minimum nears, colder times ahead

World renowned Solar Scientists have advanced to the point of predicting the exact decline in temperatures this decade and next, which are said to be up to 8 degrees F colder than today. They are working hard to determine the level of the next solar maximum in the current Solar Cycle 24 and the timing and they are following Dalton Minimum (early 1800’s Little Ice Age) very closely, but keeping a watchful eye on the 1600’s deeper Maunder Minimum. Predictions are settling lower lately at a sunspot number of FORTY-SEVEN sometime in 2015 or LATER. It would be the weakest solar cycle since Solar Cycle 6, the SECOND half of Dalton. Solar Cycle 5 had a maximum amplitude of 49.2 and Solar Cycle 6 of 48.7. Temperatures in those decades were up to 8 degrees F colder than today.  Stay warm with these comfort heaters.