ETI Links and Vendor Profile

Mor Electric Heating is a Master Stocking Distributor for ETI (Environmental Technology, Inc.) Snow & Ice Melting Controls & Sensors. All of our salesmen are highly trained in snow melting controls. We even have one salesman here, Brian (known around here as “Heating Cable Guy”) at Ext. 5272, who has passed ETI’s certification program.


ETI Snow Switch Model APS-3C. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Control

ETI Snow Switch Model APS-4C. Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Control integral GFEP


ETI CIT-1 & CIT-XTV Snow Sensor. General Purpose Snow Sensor used with any APS or EUR series control panel

ETI ES-1 Rain/Snow Interface For Building Automation, 12-15 VDC, Separate isolated reed relays signal rain & snow

ETI EUR-5A 24V Snow & Ice Melting Automatic Control Panel for Electric & Hydronic, includes RCU-3 Remote Control

ETI FPT & GPT Point Microprocessor-Based Heat-Trace Control Thermostat with GFEP

ETI GPT-3 Tracon Pipe Freeze Protection Thermostat with GFEP, 120-277 VAC UL / CSA

ETI Snow Switch Model GF Pro. Automatic Snow & Ice Melting System Control with Integral Ground Fault Equipment Protection

ETI GIT-1 Gutter Mounted Ice Sensor. Automatic Gutter Deicing Controls Operating Costs with APS–3C or APS–4C Control Panel

ETI LCD-8 Aerial Snow Melting Controller. Automatic Snow Switch. 100-240V, Configurable, Pole Mounted, Weather-resistant


ETI Snow Switch Model PD Pro Automatic Snow & Ice Melting System Control for Pilot Duty Applications, 120V

ETI RCU Remote Control Units (RCU-2, RCU-3 & RCU-4). Flush or surface mount remote control & indication of Snow/Ice Melting Controllers

ETI Model SC-40C Snow/Ice Melting Satellite Contactor. Modular Snow/Ice Heater Control System

ETI SIT-6E Pavement Mounted Snow & Ice Sensor used with any APS series or EUR–5A Control Panel