Comparison of Roof and Gutter De-icing Cable (Heat Trace Wire) lengths and type

We have a wide range of cables to exactly match your requirements:

Plug in Constant wattage Roof & Gutter Cable
EasyHeat ADKS            Wrapon                         Danfoss RX
ADKS-100 20ft             14020 20ft                     088L3500   30ft
ADKS-150 30ft             14040 40ft                    
ADKS-300 60ft             14060 60ft                     088L3502   65ft
ADKS-400 80ft             14080 80ft                     088L3503   80ft
ADKS-500 100ft           14100 100ft                   088L3504   100ft
ADKS-600 120ft           14120 120ft                    088L3505   120ft
ADKS-800 160ft           14140 140ft                    088L3508   170ft
ADKS-1000 200ft         14175 175ft                            
ADKS-1200 240ft         14200 200ft                    088L3510   230ft          
                                     14250 250ft                   088L3511   265ft          
Plug in self regulating Roof & Gutter/Pipe Cable
EasyHeat PSR    Danfoss Iceguard Nuheat                          King SRP   
PSR1006 6ft       088L1490 6ft       PKR13P8-1-5 5ft           SRP126-6 6ft
PSR1012 12ft      088L1491 12ft     PKR13P8-1-10 10ft       SRP126-12 12ft
PSR1018 18ft      088L1492 18ft     PKR13P8-1-15 15ft       SRP126-18 18ft
PSR1024 24ft      088L1493 24ft     PKR13P8-1-25 25ft       SRP126-24 24ft
PSR1050 50ft      088L1494 50ft     PKR13P8-1-50 50ft       SRP126-50 50ft
PSR1075 75ft      088L1495 75ft     PKR13P8-1-75 75ft       SRP126-75 75ft

PSR1100 100ft    088L1496 100ft   PKR13P8-1-100 100ft    SRP126-100 100ft