New Product: Kemf HOT-blocks Outdoor Industrial Electric Heated Rubber Snow Melting Mats for stairs, doorways, handicapped ramps, walkways and alleyways

HOT-blocks™ outdoor industrial heated mats have been developed for keeping stairs, doorways, handicapped ramps, walkways and alleyways safe and secure from accidents due to slip and fall accidents. They are UV PROTECTED, inter-connectible, electrically heated RUBBER MATS THAT MAKE STEPPING OUT EASY, WORRY FREE AND SAFE ! Canadian designed HOT-blocks™ stair treads, doormats and walkway mats are specifically geared to handle high traffic and/or dangerous slippery areas. “No more fear of slipping and falling. “ Both aesthetically complimenting and rugged, our HOT-blocks™ heated mats are heavy enough to assure that they remain in place, without shifting or repositioning. UV Protected anti-slip heated rubber mats have a patented electric heating system imbedded into molded rubber that will melt snow and ice ON CONTACT. During winter, neglected areas can quickly build up with snow, causing hazards – UNSAFE CONDITIONS, such as blocked fire exits, icy steps and walkways, equally making ramps un-accessible. Waterproof and VERY durable, made of SBR molded rubber; HOT-blocks™ have a distinctive two level raised blocks pattern design, effectively eliminating the risk of accidents caused by slipping hazards at both home and workplace.

“Excel in reducing employee absenteeism caused by work related injuries due to falls, adding to the bottom line.” Available in three sizes (11” x 38”), (24” x 36”) and (36” x 59”), HOT-blocks™ are easily plugged into any standard 120V, 230V or 240V outlet using a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), sold separately. “Lay it down, turn it on and stay safe!” Our HOT-blocks™ heated mats will melt up to two inches of snow per hour! Fast enough to keep any passage clear of snow and ice throughout the duration of our arduous winter weather systems. Unlike its competitors, HOT-blocks™ UV Protected anti-slip heated rubber mats are built tough and solid enough to be used on driveways, and high traffic areas. All HOT-blocks mats have waterproof, inter-connectible screw type connectors, to prevent water infiltration. All HOT-blocks™ mats are inter-connectible so that you can connect one to another and cover the area required, up to the maximum of 15 amps per area. We also offer various controls, such as thermostats, snow sensors, etc.