New Product: TPI Corp. Fostoria FSS Series 208-480V Heavy Duty Single Flat Panel Emitter Infrared Overhead Heater – Chain suspension or rigid Mounting – Direct wire – Wire guard


Effective October 1st, TPI is revamping its current models of MR series to the new innovative energy saving FSS series.

TPI is constantly making improvements to product quality, improving customer reliability & safety. Our channel of electrical products keeps evolving; Just like incandescent has now been replaced by energy efficient LED’s.

Our current MR series elements lasted just 5000 hrs. Our new innovative emitters will last 25,000 hours (5X as long). These new Flat panel emitters generate large amounts of radiant heat in a fairly concentrated area. The required wattage output using these new emitters is considerably less, yet achieving the same output – allowing for energy savings. (78.5% radiant efficiency vs 50%) .

The “New” FSS series (which replaces MR) revamp an old technology with a new one. Flat Panel emitters.

The benefits are uncompromised safety- no ground fault required- a $300 net adder, energy savings, and elements that are longer lasting (5x longer).

The new units cost on average is about the same when you take into consideration GFCI protection which was highly recommended. The new units do not require GFCI. Furthermore, they pay for themselves in the 1st heat season using less electricity ( Approx.: 30% energy savings) to get to the same heating capacity using less wattage.