Solar Maximum has been reached! Some Scientists are saying. Wow, that is scary.

Take a look at the F10.7 (Flux) Solar Activity Plot above from 
It has the words “Welcome to solar max” written on it!  When that first appeared weeks ago it seemed very odd, since it was at the same time as the first hint of any decent solar ramp up.  Not many scientists commented, they must have thought it was a joke!  But some scientists say that the magnetic field has already flipped!  That would mean that the ramp up is done and the ramp down is not too far off since the current logic is middle max in the year 2013-2014.  Indeed the sunspots of late appear to be really struggling. They look like they should be bigger but can’t quite achieve enough contrast except for the center. And then out of the blue 
they fire off a huge flare.

If the max. is truly here we will be experiencing even colder temperatures and more brutal winters that we thought.  Dalton minimum levels are all we really can think about it seems, but colder times than that appear to be already started.  During Dalton and especially the coldest years of 1812-1816, there were not the many millions of homes built in very cold regions such as Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin or even Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona (even those states just had a brutal winter for their standards.)  

Here at Mor Electric Heating we are building up a base to help everyone get through it all. Here are some solutions we have: 
roof and gutter heating wire protects your house from the huge snowfalls occurring.

pipe heating cables protects your house from the extreme cold that is occurring.
electric comfort heating allows you to keep some target rooms warm to stay in and battle the tremendous heat loss occurring in colder winters.