Global Warming debunked!

Now that countless brave, prominent scientists have debunked the former pro-global warming thinking (follow the money and those who have nothing to gain and everything to lose by expressing their opinion that the Earth is NOT getting warmer) we can see that it is getting colder now that we have passed the peak of a natural 30 year cycle. If you still believe there is global climate change driven by CO2 or other gas levels in the atmosphere, you need to watch the following documentary from the U.K.:
After watching the documentary and researching the scientists that appear in it, try to explain why the scientists in the video are wrong.
The Harris poll a few weeks ago found that the number of people who believe in global warming is now down to 44% from 51% in 2009 and 71% in 2007.

We sell heaters nationwide and I assure you that it is not getting any warmer. In fact another little ice age has begun (the last one was 200 years ago) due to the current grand solar minimum, and here at Mor Electric Heating we are closely following how bad the winters have been lately and how bad they will get. We are already helping people deal with it and prepare for more major snow and ice on their roofs, extremely cold and frozen pipes and heat loss in homes and businesses.