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The 2011-2012 winter forecast: This upcoming winter will rival or surpass last year’s harsh winter.

Many meteorologists are releasing their preliminary out look for the coming winter. The general consensus seems to be:

The potential for record breaking cold across must of the Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and the Northeast will be another big story this winter, just like last winter.

Weather weary Americans coast to coast agreed that the 2010-2011 winter was very extreme.  It was the coldest winter in more than 30 years in much of the NE United States. Temperatures were well below normal and snowfall records were broken in much of the Midwest and Northeast.

Several factors such as Past Analogs, Oceanic Temperatures, Climatology and Sunspots are all hinting at a return of the same.

Sea Surface Temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific are almost certain to fall compared to average producing another La Niña this winter that influences temperatures and winter storm tracks.

The 2010-2011 La Niña was one of the strongest on record and the upcoming 2011-2012 winter will likely be influenced by a moderate La Niña. Ocean temperatures are already cooling and long range predictions show a weak to moderate La Niña developing as early as this Fall.

Another Greenland High Pressure Block is being discussed as coming soon and that is some of what caused last years heavy snow storms and below normal temperatures across much of the Central, Northeast and East United States.

For January and February, more extreme cold as another Polar Cold Vortex gets displaced significantly farther South than normal and turns into another major arctic outbreak across the Eastern United States.  This creates an increased chance of snow and ice across the Midwest and Northeast.

With the La Niña pattern fully developed in February and influencing global weather and circulation, a colder and snowier pattern continues into March making this another very long winter!

Prepare NOW for the worst!

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USA 2011-2012 Winter Forecast released by Accuweather! severe weather expert, Henry Margusity has released his Preliminary Winter 2011-2012 Forecast For The United States.  Looks Like It’s Going To Be Another Snowy Year!   Snowmaggedon shall continue for the fourth year in a row. We have been eagerly awaiting this forecast and looking forward to his October revision. Looks like more 4th of July skiing next year and a return of the Northeast roof ice dam disaster.

2011-2012 Winter Forecast

A tweet that came through from Joe Bastardi earlier today was very, very interesting to us:

Deal for warmingistas: You can use heat, and soon the hurricanes, for your agenda, but you cant use the nasty winter that is coming, okay

WOW! If Joe is nailing down the word nasty on August 1st, it must really be bad. He must be seeing alot of wicked climate indicators out there. This comes on the heels of this: Worst Winter on Record is Coming: In Press Release, European Tire Maker Urges Motorists Prepare for the Worst Winter on Record

La Nina is forecast to come back before winter, the sun is still in a funk, and some other factors are all suggesting that another bad winter is on the way. The public is starting to worry about future winters given how bad they have been lately.

The East Coast had a roof ice dam disaster last year and alot of people are in shock from the heavy snow last year again.  In Montana a few weeks ago, snow plows finally reached the Logan Pass Visitor Center and found that the Main Facility and the Restroom Building have only the roof visible in spots:

In Utah people were skiing on the 4th of July with Snowbird Ski Resort still open at a record 202 days.

There are certainly alot of factors against all of us, worldwide, and already brutal winters have been the rule for a few years now. They are about to get even worse apparently.

Worst Winter on Record is Coming: In Press Release, European Tire Maker Urges Motorists Prepare for the Worst Winter on Record

In the press release above ATS Euromaster is saying that a forecaster they use is predicting the worst winter on record in the UK. They are urging motorists to pre-order cold weather tires and introduced a system of pre-ordering which follows unprecedented demand last year.  James Madden, a long-range forecaster for Exacta Weather, correctly predicted the harsh conditions the past two years. ATS Euromaster is preparing to sell cold weather tires in the UK for the second year and is trusting Madden’s forecast. He is a meteorologist predicting that this winter will “break all records” in terms of snowfall and freezing temperatures.

He warns: “The UK is to brace itself for well below average temperatures and widespread heavy snowfall throughout winter 2011/2012 which will result in the fourth bad winter in succession, and will prove to be the worst of them all.”

“I fully expect records to be broken, with the Highlands of Scotland being once again particularly hard hit. It is vital to start preparing now.”

James Madden’s forecast is based on factors such as the current unprecedented low solar activity (sunspots), and how that impacts weather.  Exacta Weather is a non-profit weather organisation that comprises a team of meteorologists from around the world.
ATS Euromaster says that motorists can now reserve cold weather tires with a 25% deposit, with the balance due when the tires are installed.
Here is their complete UK forecast:
Their USA forecast is coming soon.  During solar minimums, the USA typically has winters that are similar to the UK.

As a heating company we are urging people to buy pipe heating cable, roof and gutter heating cable and comfort heaters early as well at:

The Sun is spotless today! It is very, very inactive, we are going to get very cold.

June 13th, 2011 photo

The sun has no sunspots right now! The whole world should stand in awe of this new development which is just not supposed to happen during what many are calling the solar MAXIMUM of solar cycle 24. This is little ice age type material for sure. We are closely following how bad the winters will get given this news, and here at Mor Electric Heating we suggest the following to prepare for what is probably inevitable:

Major snow and ice can be fought here:

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Another very cold, bad winter coming? (2011-2012 winter forecast)

It appears that another massive and brutal North American winter is looming and another colder than normal winter globally.

We still have a Dalton Solar Minimum type event unfolding. This cold climate producing sun (still very few sunspots, increased cosmic rays causing more clouds and less solar irradiation/infrared hitting Earth) is starting to impact Earth with cooling. The entire ocean is cooling (ocean currents are going back to colder patterns), arctic ice is back to normal, volcano activity is high, and the past 3 winters have been among the snowiest on record in the Northern Hemisphere.

Global cooling is obviously taking a deeper hold now and for many years to come in the USA. The USA just had a very cold winter, La Niña (cold) equatorial ocean conditions prevail and appear that they will be in place during the winter as well.  Some fading is/will be occurring during the spring/summer/fall but the atmosphere will not respond to those higher temperatures before the end of winter in 2012.  Cold PDO (Eastern pacific ocean temperatures) are and will be below normal. NAO (North Atlantic) is becoming cold.

Global satellite measured temperatures are sitting a lot colder right now than last year.  It was the coldest March globally in over a decade. Alot more cold air in is the bank than we did 2010-2011. Snow cover was well above normal for this entire past winter. There is a persistence of cold air on the Canadian side of the hemisphere where snow cover is also above average which will impact for a colder than normal winter ’11-’12.

Buy electric heaters from before it is too late and the extreme snow and cold hits.

Heating Oil and Propane Historical Price Charts. Now at record levels of both prices.

We are bracing for a surge in demand again as people switch to electric comfort heating in response to this damaging and amazing rise in the cost of heating.  It will be more of the same types of heaters people have been switching with, such as wall heaters, baseboard heaters, portable heaters, floor drop-in heaters, hotpod duct heaters, ceiling panels, cove heaters, etc. 

The DOE has finished releasing their winter update (October-March) on Heating Oil and Propane prices:

They are declaring “The Heating Season is Over” which is ironic given the frigid temperatures and snowstorms (right now it’s in the 30’s or below in 15 states at 3pm EST, it’s snowing in Colorado, Kansas and Kentucky and a Nor’Easter is in the forecast for the end of the week.) A cold spring (or a continuation of winter) is looking likely.

Heating oil and Propane both ended at record highs near $4 and $3 respectively:  

A Michigan winter for alot of people this year.

Here in Michigan we have been experiencing “Michigan Winters” for a long time because we are Michigan!  (Except for the 90’s when we had Ohio winters or something like that.) Obviously there a lot of states that have a few winters now that are as bad as ours.  There are alot of prominent weathermen that are saying that this will continue for the U.S.A. for many years.  Here in Michigan we know how to handle it, so give us a call at 1-800-44202581, and we will get things heated up for you.’s Joe Bastardi: Why we Need All Energy Sources. The Facts of the Weather!

Given what could happen given what has happened,, cutting off sources of energy look to be a road to ruin

Joe Bastardi knows alot about what the weather can do to people.  He is apparently saying in the video link above that the Government and others involved in regulating, promoting and pricing various forms of energy, (particularly for heating) need to realize what is coming for the next few years and even the next 30 years (His Triple Crown of Cooling).  He is obviously saying that not hurting ANY energy/fuels in price or availability will help people because we are going to need everything available to survive the coming winters.  

Joe must also know the non-linear relationship between the cost of heating and the temperature/wind.  Here at Mor Electric Heating we are well aware that a winter that is twice as bad does NOT correlate to a heating bill that is twice as bad.  It is far worse than that.  Heating degree days is a very complicated calculation and so are the other factors such as insulation, windows, etc..  A winter that is even just 1 degree colder makes it amazingly harder to heat your house.  And a thermostat setting that is just 1 degree different does the same.  People need to keep those rooms as cold as they can, especially the ones you are not using, to try to get the temperature between the inside and outside of the house closer, to minimize heat loss (Dollars spent). We help people survive with heaters that make sense for each situation to take the sting out of winter a little bit.

We are selling comfort heaters to people in southern states.

One customer today in Louisiana said it is 34F and icy and they just don’t know what to do with that.  His house is cold and he wanted the heater and thermostat shipped UPS Red.  It is not unusual anymore for us to sell heaters to Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Florida.

Half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice.

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) releases a photo created using multiple satellites from government agencies and the US Air Force. 

They said it looks like a distant ice age. But this astonishing picture shows the world as it is today – with half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice:

Intense weather for sure

We just sold some pipe heating cable to a panicked person in Lubbock, TX who said it was 1F! He wanted it shipped today via early am service for delivery tomorrow before 8 am. Cables: $65 Shipping: $95
Roof and Gutter heating cable update: Leaking roofs all over the Country. Water in attics, walls and houses. Freaking out customers from states like Connecticut, New York, Colorado, etc.
And the brutal winter continues and Bastardi says 3 or 4 of the next 5 winters will be the same or worse:
 A new snow storm is forecasted for next week . . . . reports that 3 or 4 of the next 5 winters could be as cold or colder – Weather News | Bastardi: Three of Next Five Winters Could be as Cold or Colder

This winter is on track to become the coldest for the nation as a whole since the 1980s or possibly even the late 1970s. According to Chief Long Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi, three or four out of the next five winters could be just as cold, if not colder.
Current La Nina Signals More Cold Winters Ahead
Bastardi: Shift to Colder Climate Predicted Next 20-30 Years

People are having alot of problems with the weather. What a horrible winter!

We have never seen so many people, so late in the winter that are having so many problems.  Typically, by now, the Roof and Gutter Heating cable season is about over.  But we are swamped with calls and the Ice Dams are huge this year. Fortunately we still have alot of EasyHeat ADKS roof cable on the shelf and customers are buying up to 6 at a time like a feeding frenzy.  There is alot of water flowing in attics and walls. We can’t keep the new Nuheat cable on the shelf but the equivalent EasyHeat PSR is in stock. If you have cable installed underneath it, we want to let everyone know that as long as the water is flowing below the ice in a melt channel, that is a good sign that your roof is o.k.. You cannot keep the ice and snow clear from your roof in this type of winter. No roof heating solution can do that. What we try to do is make a path for the melt water to flow.

And the pipe heating cable demand is intense. The calls from so many southern states are quite unique.  And now with a punishing, dangerous winter storm on the way there is intense demand from states like Texas.  We are watching to see what this record breaking storm will do to our sales, we are trying to get caught up so we can get all orders shipped today after a big weekend of sales. We intend to meet the crushing storm related demand and have a large generator on site in case we lose power.  Count on us to have it on the shelf and get it out the door and on the UPS truck today!

What a brutal winter so far. And the next months and years look even colder according to many forecasts. What is going on?

When the sun is quiet, we on earth can freeze.  The effects of the sun on the earth’s climate is huge.   The sun typically has an 11 year cycle of sunspot activity and history tells us that when it is low in sunspot activity then the world cools.  At the moment Solar Cycle 24 is extending and is very low in sunspots.
According to the Laymans Sunspot Count, the sun in the current Solar Cycle 24 could peak as low as 30 – 35 which is now tracking below Solar Cycle 5 which was part of a cold period on earth that correlated with the Dalton Minimum. And current discussion including a theory by Livingston & Penn is that we are heading towards no sunspots by 2015 which would be far worse than Dalton and more like the Maunder Minimum in the late 1600’s which was even colder of a time on Earth (the biggest of the little ice ages).
Solar flux and solar wind are low as well.  Henry Svensmark has a theory that low sunspot numbers correlate with more cosmic rays hitting the earth which allow for more hydrogen in our atmosphere, which interact with oxygen, to make more water vapor and more cloudiness. This means lower temperatures and more rain/snow. All this is happening while we are in a cold pacific decadel oscillation (PDO) and a strong La Nina (both cooling weather signals). The recent flooding and snowstorms worldwide could be the result.